With all the negative press surrounding the PS3 version of The Orange Box , we've been hoping to hear about some actual hands-on impressions. Second-hand information only goes so far, you know.

Well, according to Destructoid, who got a chance to play the game, perhaps we shouldn't be so concerned about another inferior port. As it turns out, this game isn't an "unplayable mess," as some sources claimed back in November. In fact, it seems difficult to discern any noticeable drops in the frame rate (supposedly, the major problem with this port), and that's great news. Despite some "brutal" loading times, Destructoid's play time wasn't marred by technological flaws and other issues. Here's a snippet from the relayed experience-

"I hopped about a bit, strafing and spinning around, trying to get the game to chug. I couldn't. It did appear that there were slight dips in framerate when making quick motions from left to the right (or when spinning around), but had I not been looking for them, they'd hardly be noticeable."

The more we hear about the PS3 version of The Orange Box , the more we're starting to realize early news may have been grossly inaccurate. Granted, none of the new feedback says this version is identical in quality to the 360/PC versions, but the difference is evidently much smaller than expected. One of the main points of that preview is as follows-

"The good news: At no point did I run into anything that made the game unplayable. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to pinpoint a time where gameplay was hindered."

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