If you're searching for the best possible deal when it comes to the PlayStation 3 this holiday season, Sony may have just given you the #1 option.

Back in October, Sony had a promotion going involving their Sony Card. At the time, you could purchase a PS3 for $100 off (making it $399 instead of $499), which made a whole lot of consumers happy. After all, everyone had been complaining about how expensive the system was, and Sony had responded with this offer. However, as soon as they officially dropped the retail price of the system to $399, they removed the promotion and it hasn't been in effect since. …until now. Sony has renewed this offer – as you can see in the ad pic here – and it also includes a 1-year no-interest bonus if you pick up the PS3.

If you'd like to sign up and take advantage, visit here . All you gotta do is get your card, and it's an instant $299 40GB PS3! How sweet is that? You likely won't find a better deal anywhere at any retailer this holiday season, so we suggest you get your Sony Card ASAP!

Link: $299 PS3 w/Sony Card Purchase

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