Unreal Tournament 3 is scheduled to arrive next week for the PS3, but the comparisons to the PC version are already being made. Evidently, it seems the PS3 version of UT3 runs slower…but Epic is very aware of it, and in fact, they did it on purpose. Here's what VP Mark Rein told SPOnG in a recent interview:

"When you play Halo on PC, you notice the difference too, yeah? This is also the reason why we don't have cross-platform play, between PC and PS3, because you have got to make some compromises for each platform. But you play Halo on console and you find that it's slower too, right…they have to be slower, because your fingers are just not as precise as your whole arm, right? To me the movement and speed as a console gamer is just right."

Well, there goes the idea of cross-platform play. We didn't realize they had passed on the thought, because at first, Epic wouldn't rule it out. However, it's all in the interest of producing a game that fits best on a console, which is why they wanted the gameplay structure to feel "more like a ladder than a story."

"[Epic] simplified the game… in the last game, we had like seven game types… this time, we said instead of having 'onslaught' and 'assault' lets meld them together into this 'warfare' mode, let's just do the things that we do really well and make them work on console. It's the single player game that, even though you're playing through all the different levels, feels more like a ladder with a story. It's just a much better introduction to the game."

Still, PS3 owners get all those nifty mods, and as we already know, Epic likes the fact that Sony embraces user-generated content . It's that open network theme that really appealed to the team, and they took full advantage.

"When Sony originally said, 'Ours is an open network', we said, 'Oh yeah? Well, we'll see how open you are really willing to be'. To their credit, they have been fully supportive of this. There's no question that this kind of modding ability has never happened on console before."

We certainly trust Epic's judgment on this, but we have to admit: when someone says "slower" in regards to a FPS, some people might get a touch concerned. On the other hand, if Rein says the game plays great, we're inclined to believe him.

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