Despite its greatness, Rock Band is still an expensive proposition for just about anyone. With the package price sitting at $169.99, you really have to be committed to some serious multiplayer fun. Thus far, that has hit a bit of a snag, as obtaining a second guitar controller would require a friend to make the same steep purchase. Ever since the release of the game, though, users have been calling for Harmonix to make the Les Paul guitars from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock compatible with Rock Band .

Well, according to TripleTags, Harmonix has heard the cries, and the patch is on the way. This patch will indeed let you use the GHIII wireless guitar with Rock Band , although we don't know if a similar patch will be generated to let GHIII players use the Fender Stratocaster. Wireless guitars that work for both titles would be a definite bonus, because it would save consumers a heck of a lot of cash. Both Harmonix and Red Octane are working to produce separate guitar controllers for their hit music titles, but neither plans to release them until next year.

In the meantime, we await news of this patch, and hope it hits ASAP. Think about it: you and a friend both want to jam out with Harmonix's latest, and one of you also has Guitar Hero III . No problem here; just use the guitars you've got! We get the feeling that accessory compatibility could be a big deal in the future for music-oriented titles…

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