When the original Soul Calibur debuted on the Sega Dreamcast way back when, it was considered one of the finest fighting games in history. Many years later, it still holds that label, which is why we're all clamoring for more information regarding the next installment in the series, Soul Calibur IV .

Some will argue that neither of the last two entries were as good as the original, but there doesn't seem to be any doubt that the fourth will kick some serious ass. And according to Kotaku, Namco Bandai is all set to unveil a mini-mystery to the legions of fighting fans out there. The publisher will be showing off SCIV at next year's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas (January 8); it's an "invite-only" event that will allow attendees to be the first ones ever to play Soul Calibur IV . As if that's not incentive enough to go, Namco has plans to reveal something special…and it seems clear it will be a new character.

Yeah, there's a question mark plastered over the silhouette of a character in that picture, so it's almost a foregone conclusion. But who will it be? Someone we recognize? Remember, they've used icons like Link in past Soul Calibur titles… Guess we'll just have to wait and see who it is!

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