Sometimes, you just have to be creative when it comes to finding a solution. We all remember the freezing issues many gamers experienced when playing Assassin's Creed on the PS3. In our experience, it was difficult to play for even an hour or two without having the game fail to load or freeze entirely with Altair in mid-stride. However, after fiddling around with the XMB settings, we found we could keep that problem to a minimum… Of course, we wanted an official reply from Ubisoft, too.

Well, according to a Popular Mechanics blog, while Ubisoft has been looking for an answer, they haven't found it. Michael Beadle, the publisher's senior public relations manager, says Ubisoft continues to investigate the glitches, but they're still not sure what's causing the freezing. It seems pretty erratic to us, because even with the XMB fiddling, we could never stop the issue entirely. But for those of you who want to finish one of the best games of the year without waiting for the patch, try the following-

1. Make sure you don't auto-log on to the PlayStation Network.

2. Keep the Information Bar (from a recent firmware update) disabled.

3. In general, keep as many optional XMB features off as you can.

Even if you adhere to all three steps, the game can still crash on you, but there should be less chance of it happening. We've completed Assassin's Creed with far fewer freezing problems by playing the game with those three rules in mind. Ubisoft is still reading gamer feedback and trying to sort things out, but in the meantime, try the above…it might be like trying to use Scotch tape on a gaping shotgun wound, but hey, it did seem to help.

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