By now, all you Warhawk players are well aware of the impending expansion pack, Omega Dawn . But we've got an update for you that features new details and screenshots thanks to a fact sheet Sony recently sent out. As you can see, the Omega Factory map is going to be one hell of an upgrade, and that dropship looks sweet .

Included in the fact sheet is information on that PMC-Dropship, which is pictured in several of the shots. The dropship actually operates as both an airship and ground vehicle and they're calling it the "ultimate destructive weapon for massive assaults." It comes fully equipped with multiple turrets for any infantry who wants to ride along (it can carry up to 7 soldiers), and of course, it can carry one ground unit (like the tank). The sheet further reminds everyone that the Omega Factory map is set at nighttime, and it's also the largest map yet with six battlefield layouts. It doesn't matter what your favorite type of game is, either; Omega Factory will support them all, from Capture the Flag to Deathmatch.

The map also allows for "more vertical gameplay," which is presumably included to encourage more flight battles. There are even certain portions of the map that are only accessible via the Warhawk, Nemesis, or Dropship. Lastly, the sheet tells us there are bonus layouts for that dropship: "Experience total domination with bonus layouts that integrate the new KT-424 Combat Dropship into the 5 largest layouts from the core game for added replay value." And for the price of $7.99, this is absolutely worth it for any Warhawk fan!

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