We're wondering how long a publisher can skirt the edges of morality and integrity without tripping over into corrupt oblivion. The gaming media hasn't painted a particularly rosy picture of Eidos in the past week, starting with the well documented GameSpot/Gerstmann/ Kane & Lynch ordeal. Then, we see another "borderline" in the form of a half-K&L, half-Playboy IGN home page . And now, it seems even that's not enough to entice consumers, so Eidos has taken to…out-and-out lying?

We have learned that Eidos is slapping up fake review scores on their official site for Kane & Lynch ! Certain sources – like Kotaku – certainly aren't happy about it, especially when the scores and quotes are all off. For example, they include the reviews from GameSpy and Game Informer, and they say the game received five stars from both. …um, no, it didn't. GameSpy gave it three stars, not five, and that quote ("It's the best emulation of being in the midst of a Michael Mann movie we've ever seen") actually came from a preview GameSpy did of the game during their E3 2007 coverage. As for the quote Eidos lists from the Game Informer review, it's not even in there. They made it up entirely. Oh, and GI gave it a 7/10, which can't possibly translate to five stars.

They also said Kotaku gave it five stars, which is another fabrication. What's next, Eidos? Want to quote us, too? We gave it basically the same score as Game Informer, so why not just make up a quote and slap another five stars up there? GameSpot failed you, the PlayBoy ad probably isn't ramping up sales as much as you wanted, so hey, why not just lie about how good the game is? Yes, sounds like a plan. This is not going well.

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