Some guys who do voice-over work for video games aren't just thinking about an easy paycheck. Some really enjoy the industry, and a few take things a step further. English actor and director Andy Serkis is one of these latter individuals, as he plans to launch Games Eden, a new video game industry network in the East of England region.

If you played Heavenly Sword , you're familiar with Serkis; he did a fabulous job in the role of King Bohan and was one of the big highlights. In fact, Ninja Theory's action title proved professional sound and voices take a video game to a whole new dimension, and we hope to hear more of it in the future. According to Gamasutra, this new network, spearheaded by Serkis, "hopes to stimulate electronic creativity and business development through an internationally focused website and a program of networking events for those involved in the industry across the region, including membership of TIGA." Companies based at the East of England game development branch in Cambridge have about 600 employees and have created games like 24: The Game , MediEvil , GoldenEye 007 and Kung Fu Chaos .

“The computer games industry is a key element of the East of England’s growing creative industries sector," said David Marlow, chief executive of the East of England Development Agency. "It is vital we help to support and develop it if we are to continue to grow the regional economy in future years. Many businesses within the region are significant international players and we believe that specialized support for the sector, through a dedicated network, will create further success.”

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