This would surprise the hell out of you if this report was for North America, wouldn't it? Well, it's not; the UK has always loved their soccer, and that much is clearly evident, here: according to, EA has announced that FIFA 08 is the first 2007 title to top one million in sales across the pond.

Some will argue the game's biggest competition, Konami's Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 , is the better of the two sports games, but hey, name-brand recognition always sells. Plus, EA has cited a variety of reasons why FIFA 08 has emerged on top, including the all new game engine, in-game licenses (like the Coca-Cola leagues) and the featuring of the FA Cup. Of course, it doesn't help that the PS3 version of PES2008 has suffered due to port problems (remember, Konami says they're "not set up for multi-platform development"). EA's title has taken advantage of all of this and shot to the top of the sales charts in the UK.

We don't have the estimated sales numbers on FIFA 08 in North America, and while we're sure it's not as good as the UK, it'll still prove popular. This long-running franchise appeals to those who enjoy the biggest sport in the world, and yes, there are fans here, too.

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