Well, after much controversy and debate, it seems PS3 owners will indeed get their version of The Orange Box this year. G4TV says the game has been dated; it will arrive on December 11, much to the delight of PS3 users everywhere.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions are already available, and both have been receiving rave reviews from just about every source on the planet. The PS3 version has been receiving mixed reports from a variety of previews around the 'Net, and some haven't been very complimentary. Some say the game will only move at 30 frames per second and the version is vastly inferior to the 360/PC versions, while others say it's nowhere near that bad. We're hoping EA can shed some light on the issue this week…what can we really expect come December 11? A faithful iteration of one of the best games of the year? Or another lesser-quality multi-platform title on the PS3? We're hoping we get the former.

We're hoping to get our hands on The Orange Box PS3 ASAP, and as soon as we come to our conclusion, you'll know immediately after. Hold your breath, FPS fans!

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