Okay, so it was an oops for EA in regards to an accidental topless promotional ad for Need for Speed ProStreet . And while this isn't topless, it's basically Eidos saying, "okay, so the game isn't that great …let's move to Plan B: sex it up!"

Normally, you'd expect the home page for a video game – especially one like Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – to be loaded with screenshots, updated information, and maybe even an introductory video of some sort. Sure, there might be some other unrelated ads on there, but the game is usually the focus. That's just common sense. But if you check out this particular home page for Kane & Lynch at IGN, you might notice something…different. It'd be tough to miss it. "Oh look, there's Kane & Lynch…wait…they're fading…they just turned into a gorgeous topless fox!" Seems PlayBoy is searching for the next "Cyber Girl," and somebody will win $25,000 and a a test shoot with the popular magazine. Oh, and by the way, you might want to check out this video game, too. You have to scroll down to find it.

Alrighty then. Hey, she's topless but not exposed , as are the other two hotties in those smaller pictures. They're still safely on this side of the line, but it seems abundantly clear: Eidos thinks hot women can sell games. What…are they crazy? That can't possibly happen!

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