We always like it when developers move quickly. According to the most recent post over at the official PlayStation blog, Warhawk Game Director Dylan Jobe has announced that the Omega Dawn expansion pack for the high-flying online game is done . That's right, except for a bit of last-minute testing that still needs to be finished, this bad boy is complete. Jobe has some awfully nice things to say about it, too.

As we knew before, the biggest additions to the game will be nighttime flying on a map called "Omega Factory" and the KT-424 Combat Dropship, which allows players to transport ground vehicles through the air. Evidently, this idea came from the concept of "multiplayer boss battles," because the KT-424 has extra thick armor, gun turrets for riding infantry, and of course, a big ol' space to carry something like a tank. Oh man, that's gonna be nuts . And while we believe only the "Omega Dawn" map will let you fly at night (or pre-dawn; whatever), the Dropship will be available for all maps, which is definitely good news.

Now, the price: Jobe says it'll run you $7.99, which is pretty reasonable. Remember, they're not "done done," but when they are, they'll issue a firm release date for when it will arrive on the PlayStation Store. For now, Omega Dawn is on track for the previously scheduled December launch.

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