Now, we all know console exclusives are starting to fall by the wayside this generation, but several remain. In fact, some of them are so important, they could be crucial system-sellers, and Sony recently defended their position in the face of a Reuters story outlining the growth of multi-platform titles and the decline of exclusives.

Sony's Peter Dille responded by saying the PS3 has "15 exclusives in a 7-month span," and they have "15 internal studios" working on PS3 titles, which is more than Microsoft and Nintendo combined. Of course, some of you are asking- what are they? Well, some have already arrived; here's the list (source- Gaming Target):

September through December

Early 2008 Exclusives

So there's your list, and it's pretty darn impressive. We're not really sure if they can count Unreal Tournament 3 as it's only a timed exclusive (it will arrive for the Xbox 360 in 2008), but whatever. You will also notice that a couple more giant PS3 exclusives – Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII – are missing, simply because they're not scheduled to release until later 2008. Really, the exclusive list for the PS3 is looking good…perhaps surprisingly to some.

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