Publishers need to back the manufacturer of a console, or nothing good will ever happen. And despite continually providing PS3 owners with a series of inferior ports, EA believes Sony is finally in the right position to hit their target sales goal.

EA's CEO, John Riccitiello, says Sony will probably hit their fiscal sales prediction of 11 million PS3 units, thanks to the recent price drop and 40GB model introduction. In speaking at the Reuters Media Summit in New York, the CEO also said consumers should expect yet another price cut from all three system manufacturers in 2008, and the console sales grand total could top 200 million units by around 2012 or 2013. …that's a lot of video game systems. Up until this point, it has been the Nintendo Wii taking the top spot every month, in every region. But things have changed as of October, with the PS3 surging ahead of both the Wii and 360 (which had remained fairly consistent throughout 2007), and that's certainly positive news for Sony.

Now that EA sees Sony making good on their 11 million claim, perhaps they'll start putting some real effort into their PS3 productions. We'd greatly appreciate it if they did, that's for sure.

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