It's too bad Devil May Cry 4 couldn't make it this year, but it's scheduled for early next year, and now…we might get a playable demo in December!

A couple days ago, JeuxFrance reported that such a demo would hit the Xbox Live Marketplace soon, but it made no mention of the PlayStation Store. This confused a few people – rumors of Capcom canceling the PS3 version quickly surfaced than appropriately died – and a Capcom representative has responded to the situation in their official forums:

“Wait a little while longer and the demo strategy will be clear.
I’ll say this: The information printed above and in that article as written is incorrect. The news you’re looking for is not far off… a little more patience please.”

Okay, so either the demo isn't exclusive to the 360 or it's not coming at all. But if it wasn't coming, what news would there be to report from Capcom's end? This sounds like a demo is in the works, and it will arrive for both the PSN and Marketplace in December, and probably at the same time. Of course, it might end up being a region-exclusive, but if this demo is indeed only for the Japanese Store, we have a way around that. A lot of us do. No worries!

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