Looking for a couple new maps for your multiplayer entertainment in Resistance: Fall of Man ? The best PS3 launch title has been out for over a year now, and we could definitely use some new maps, so here are two more.

Information on the Bracknell and Axbridge maps surfaced over at the ThreeSpeech blog today; the former map is set in an old railway system while the latter is a dangerous valley littered with rocks and various Chimeran structures. Sony has offered one distinct description for each map, and here they are:

"In the Bracknell map, the struggle against the Chimera comes to the cavernous spaces of an old railway system – now a Chimeran node. Expect intense close-quarters fighting as you explore three storeys of dimly lit spawning rooms and disused train carriages."

"The Axbridge map, meanwhile, consists of two resistance bases spanning a valley strewn with rocks and Chimeran structures. Find yourself a secret perch among the cliffs on either side or brave the walled ‘theatre of combat’ on the valley floor, and prepare for battle: the enemy will show no mercy."

Well, we can't wait to give 'em both a try. We get this bad feeling that the floor of that valley in Axbridge is going to be an ultra-violent place, and we'd suggest not getting caught down there. Height is might in just about any game, remember! Log on to the PlayStation Store to download this new map pack; you know you need it.

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