Update: And here's the official box art unveiling. Just watch the video !

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Okay, so Rockstar and Take-Two were just a bit off on that initial October 16, 2007 release date for Grand Theft Auto IV . But they have resolved not to make the mistake again (they won't give another date until they're 100% confident), and besides, they're preparing another teaser video for us!

Now, the first video didn't really tell us much, but we did start to salivate at the unbelievable detail and very gritty feel. Then, they released the second trailer – Looking for that Special Someone – which showed us a heck of a lot more. We got a solid look at some story-related segments and kick-ass action, which made us feel a whole lot better. What are we going to see in this mystery third video? Well, we won't have to long to wait, because it's scheduled to arrive at 3 p.m. EST on December 6, according to [email protected] It'll be called "Move up, ladies," but we have no idea what to expect from this one…the "ladies" can't imply anything about prostitutes, can it?

The more we see and hear about GTAIV, the more excited we get. Let's hope Rockstar can finish this one up ASAP, and we see it right around April of 2008. That date is hardly confirmed, but it's at the start of the first fiscal quarter, so that might be the perfect release window.

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