There had been a rumor floating around regarding the possibility of an earlier-than-expected PlayStation Home launch. However, after yesterday's news that the online service only recently added some crucial features , that rumor started to lose momentum. It wasn't all that realistic in the first place, but hey, it's fun to speculate.

Unfortunately, it appears the rumor can now be laid to rest; we certainly won't be seeing PlayStation Home available tomorrow or probably any time this year. As one of the community team members said in a post on the official European PlayStation message boards today:

"Hi Guys

This is totally rumour and speculation.

Home will not be available to the masses tomorrow.

That is confirmed."

Yeah, well, we weren't exactly planning on rushing to turn on our PS3s tomorrow morning to see if the Home icon was there, but it's good to get some form of confirmation to shoot down a rumor. At this point, we really don't see how Home could release in 2007, so let's all quit debating about it. It seems Sony's announced "spring 2008" date is pretty accurate.

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