After visiting and contributing to the PlayStation blog , you might want to hop over to the recently established Turok blog by Propaganda Games. That's right, you can follow along in the development process of your favorite dinosaur-laden FPS.

They have already listed five posts from the team, and all of them are in-depth and well worth reading. We've got all kinds of interesting information regarding level design, quiet kills and something called the "Turok Fun Generator." The team has also tossed up several tasty screenshots and other pics of interest, so make sure you check it out. Oh, and there's one other little detail we must've overlooked from earlier this month:

According to the second post of the blog by Josh Holmes, anyone who pre-orders Turok at GameStop will receive a free demo disc! How did we miss this news, anyway? Holmes explains the demo in detail, and it actually sounds quite lengthy; from deep dank caves all the way into an open-air sandbox style area. It seems this demo will showcase the variety and diversity of the game, and that's always a big bonus. We say it's worth pre-ordering for that free disc! We'll be sure to keep you apprised of any future Turok developments, and remember, it's scheduled to arrive in early February.

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