Hey, PAL gamers! Any of you interested in scoring a 40GB PS3 with one Sixaxis controller, plus a copy of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for absolutely nothing ? Well, all you have to do is sign up for AOL – doh! – but it's still a pretty sweet offer.

As you can see here , AOL.com is simply going to give away the system and game to any customer who signs up for a two-year contract for AOL Broadband Wireless Plus. Now, there is one caveat: you must also sign up for the AOL Talk Call Plan, which will cost you £19.99 a month. Beyond that, we really don't see any hidden requirements or tricks, besides the fact you'll have to pay a £14.99 shipment fee for the console, controller and game. Obviously, they're not about to ask you for the console back if you leave after the 2-year commitment, but…well, it's still a two-year commitment. It could be worth it, though!

Remember, curious North American gamers- this promotion applies only to PAL territories (read the fine print), so you're outta luck. Not like you wanted AOL, anyway, right?

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