For as long as gaming has existed, loyal fans of the industry have wanted to provide feedback, suggestions and criticism to developers and publishers. It makes us feel more involved, as we get the sensation we're more than just a demographic or a number, and our words as gamers actually have an impact. Well, Sony is ready to listen, if you're ready to read and reply.

Ever since its very successful launch this year, the official PlayStation blog has been a great source for news and information. Sony representatives and even second-party developers have used it as a platform to give consumers an updated and behind-the-scenes look at industry processes. We get new posts all the time, and there are plenty of readers…but perhaps those readers are wondering if their responses are read by anyone important. Yep, as of now, they most certainly are. Here's a post from Social Media Manager, Jeff Rubinstein:

"Hey gamers! Response to this here PlayStation.Blog has been so impressive, that SCEA decided that someone needed to be brought in to help keep an eye on it full time. I’m that person. Really, I’ve been lurking behind the scenes here for over a month, but it’s time to come out and say hello.

Among other things, it’s my job to help connect those who create software, hardware, and peripherals for PlayStation systems, and those of you who play them. And I can’t do it without you, the faithful and passionate readers.

So keep those comments coming – we’re reading them! Also, please feel free to utilize the Contact Us section (on the right side of the blog) if what you wanna say is off-topic. We read that too, even if we don’t necessarily have enough hours in the day to write back to each of you."

There you have it. If you want your voice to be heard, sign up and post away! There's almost always something worth replying to over there, so you've got the perfect platform for comments and feedback. Gamers unite!

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