Girls and gaming are a match made in heaven…well, for male gamers, anyway. Unfortunately, while hot chicks have recently become a staple of certain titles within the racing genre, the latest installment in the Need for Speed franchise just crossed the line. It was an unintentional mistake by EA, though, so it's not like they're trying to blend porn and interactive gaming.

At Page, the official softcore porn site of UK tabloid publication The Sun, topless models appeared posing with a Ferrari. While smokin' ladies leaning on sweet cars is a common phenomenon, keen observers noticed this was a promotion for for EA's Need for Speed ProStreet . Both the NFS branding and EA logo were clearly visible, much to EA's chagrin.

"We regret that these images slipped through the proper EA approval process," said a spokesperson for the publisher, speaking to "They were not appropriate for our brand. The original site has been taken down this morning."

You may find some images or videos of the photo shoot online, but the EA and NFS logos have been removed. See, there's a significant difference between babes in bikinis and babes in half bikinis, and EA wasn't about to ignore the distinction. We figure that's a good idea; we already have enough trouble legitimizing this industry to certain members of the mainstream public.

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12 years ago

They'd need it because ProStreet honestly wasn't that good. Sex appeal should help nab a few copies though (not really, game sucked).

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