When something of yours gets so big that purchase offers make little green dollar signs register in each eyeball, than it's always a difficult decision: keep your baby, or sell it? Well, Take-Two's Chairman, Strauss Zelnick, said he'd much rather keep Grand Theft Auto rather than sell it, and that's probably a good decision for gamers.

According to Reuters, Zelnick is more interested in holding, maintaining, and building both Take-Two Interactive and the GTA franchise.

"I'm much more interested in growing the business than in selling it, to be clear," Zelnick told the Reuters Media Summit. "I would say for the next five to seven years this is a terrific time to be in the video game business."

There had been speculation among industry analysts earlier this year that Zelnick, who led a group of investors in the ousting of Take-Two management last March, might want to sell the company to a larger publisher, like Electronic Arts. Er…does anyone want to see EA ruin the PS3 version of GTAIV? Yeah, we don't. But thankfully, Zelnick has said he's happy with the current state of Take-Two, calling it "a very efficient enterprise now." Zelnick reemphasized the growth of the business.

"I imagine we will try to find greater efficiencies but they probably won't be through headcount," he said. "I imagine headcount will grow. This is a growth business. We are in growth mode."

Zelnick went on to say he's "really not interested in scale for scale's sake" and wants to build up the collection of their intellectual property. Furthermore, he said something that's very encouraging to all gamers out there; especially those of us who are big GTA fans:

"I believe this release, 'Grand Theft Auto IV,' is going to be vastly better than those expectations — vastly better — and that's hard to do when expectations are so high," he said.

Nice! We sure would like some elaboration on this "vastly better" comment, but we'll just be happy that Take-Two isn't selling and GTAIV is lookin' good. Keep EA's filthy claws off that franchise!

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