So, how was your Black Friday? We hope it was as fruitful as Sony's, as their recently reported results, while not surprising, are definitely impressive.

According to Gamasutra, Sony Computer Entertainment America has released their statistics for the Black Friday sales period in North America. In very good news, the numbers show a 178% increase in PlayStation brand sales, while dollar sales rose 154%. PS3 sales leaped a huge 245% compared to last year's Black Friday sales…but the system was hardly available at all during this time last year, so that's not too surprising. What's more impressive is the fact that, since November 2, PlayStation 3 hardware sales jumped 298% (including both the 80GB and 40GB models). In addition, the PSP enjoyed a 136% increase in sales in the week-over-week comparison, and PS2 sales surged 287% in the same period comparison. That thing just doesn't die, does it?

Obviously, Sony's holiday season is off to a streaking start, and with December looming large and always an even bigger month in the U.S., things are certainly looking good early.

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