This might be one of those times when everyone just says, "well…duh." But hey, the results are still pretty cool, and one that might have far-reaching effects beyond the gaming industry; marketing teams for other tech industries should pay attention.

According to a recent study conducted by Ziff Davis Media, it seems gamers really do enjoy all that fancy new technology, and in general, influence other aspects of consumerism besides gaming-related purchases. For the most part, it seems most big-time gamers are "technology enthusiasts, music lovers and avid movie watchers." Here are some of the results directly from the published study , and none of them should be all that shocking.

Over 80 percent own a mobile phone, DVD player, and desktop computer; over 50 percent own a digital camera, MP3 player (without video), Wi-Fi products, PC storage/hard drive and flat panel PC monitor.

1/3 are considering buying a flat panel/plasma/LCD TVs, HDTVs or high end audio systems in the next 6 months; another 25% is considering purchasing digital camcorders and laptop/notebook computers.

93% are enthusiastic about and comfortable with new technology and consumer electronics, with 76% described by their friends as being into the latest technology and 61% being the first among their friends to buy new technology gadgets.

71% planning to purchase an Apple iPod in the next six months, 43% Microsoft Zune, 28% Apple iPhone, and 24% Creative Labs.

64% going to theaters at least once a month, 91% watching a DVD movie at least once a month, and 76% renting an average of 7 movies in the previous 6 months.

Yup, we gamers tend to like other technology as well. Obviously, these numbers are likely to make non-gaming manufacturers take notice, so we might start seeing some crossover ads before long… Either way, though, it doesn't look like game fans will turn to the Amish ways any time soon.

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