We knew PS3 firmware update 2.01 was supposed to increase the system's "stability," so some of us were hoping this would fix the multiple freezing issues players were having with Assassin's Creed . Well, it hasn't, but there's a reason for it- the repairs aren't here yet, because Ubisoft really is working on a specific patch for the game.

One of the team members recently posted this over at their official message boards:

"Following our recent statement regarding the freeze issues that some consumers are facing with Assassin’s Creed on PlayStation 3, we can confirm that we are actively working on a game update. This update will help improve the stability of the game and will be released as soon as possible. In the meantime thank you for your ongoing feedback and patience."

So there you have it. We've also learned that we can expect this update to be online "soon," so let's cross our fingers and hope "soon" means some time within the next week or two. There are those that have actually resolved not to play any more Assassin's Creed until that patch is here, simply because the freezing is so rampant. We have to admit, it happens frequently to us, too…but we're already in Memory Block 5, and we just wanna finish. We'll tough it out, but maybe those of you who just picked up the game will want to let it sit until Ubisoft issues the patch. We'll let you know as soon as they're done.

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