Okay, that's it. We've officially lost patience with EA, provided the following report is accurate.

According to early feedback concerning the PS3 version of The Orange Box and an article by pspsps.tv, it seems PS3 owners are going to get shafted once again with an inferior multiplatform title. 1Up recently did a preview on the game and said that not only will the title run at a relatively pathetic 30 frames per second, but even that doesn't work very well. Now, why would Valve do something like this? Well, they didn't (at least, not really). It seems Valve dumped the PS3 development off on an internal EA team so Valve could focus more closely on the Xbox 360 version. This isn't really surprising, considering Gabe Newell has been slamming the PS3 all year…which apparently gives Valve license to slack off and essentially ignore PS3 owners.

Now, bear in mind we're only speaking on secondary information; we don't have the game in front of us just yet. But it should be arriving very soon (December), and it doesn't seem as if the team has enough time to iron out these major kinks. And if it is true that Valve relied almost entirely on EA for development, and the game turns out to be poor in comparison to the 360 and PC versions, than that's it. We just can't handle this anymore. Evidently, the world's biggest video game publisher simply isn't interested in producing quality products for the PlayStation 3. It can be done, as Infinity Ward ( Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ), Ubisoft ( Rainbow Six Vegas and Assassin's Creed ) and many others have already proven.

We've seen great examples of accomplishment and achievement on the PS3 already, so in all honesty, we're just sick of the whiners who can't step up to the plate. But hey, we could be wrong. The Orange Box PS3 could be fantastic. If it's not, and EA is the primary culprit (as if Valve's any better in this scenario), than we will not be happy.

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