Some old-school gamers may remember Sword of Vermillion for the old Sega Genesis, but what they may not know is that Square-Enix has announced Lord of Vermilion for the PS3. Well, not officially, but thanks to the latest issue of the Japanese publication, Dengeki PlayStation, we know the truth: it's coming, and it has absolutely nothing to do with that old RPG.

In fact, according to the first scans of the game, it's actually an arcade-based Trading Card Game (source- The Dengeki interview with Square-Enix bosses Kitase and Nomura revealed this new project, and while it may appear to be something more fit for the PSP, it's still good news. Let's face it, anything from Square-Enix has a darn good chance of being awesome, regardless of the genre. We're hoping to get more details as time goes on, because the publisher didn't provide us with a possible release date. Can we expect it soon, or is this another later-2008 release?

These trading card games have gotten pretty darn popular over the past few years, and their addictive qualities are well documented. It almost seems as if Square-Enix is attempting to cash in on the current trends, but if they are, we're not about to chastise them for it. Hey, profit's profit.

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