Great news, gang. Unreal Tournament III for the PlayStation 3 is now officially complete! The game has gone gold, and Sony has approved it for manufacturing. This news comes confirmed by Mark Rein himself on the Epic Games website and forum. It reads:

"The PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 has gone gold! We got news last night that Unreal Tournament 3 has been approved by SCEA and has been released to North American manufacturing."

Rein says that a December 10th shipment is a shoe-in, with the game arriving in various stores the day after, and nationwide throughout the week. As far as the PAL release, Rein says "For PAL territories, specifically UK and Europe, we have a few localization-related tasks to complete and then we should be starting the certification process pretty soon. My best guess is early next year (January or February) for the game to ship over there.

Not a terrible wait, at all.

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