Well this is going to seem a bit nutty, but last week Media
Create tracked the PlayStation 3 selling 56k consoles, and I had
pegged it as a one-off type of thing. I presumed the sales of the
PS3 would level off somewhere around the 30k mark, and then hover
close to 20k weekly. It looks like I may have been wrong, as this
price-drop and the 40GB model is keeping momentum of the console
going. Famitsu's tracking estimates that the PlayStation 3 sold
53k consoles.

We need to take into consideration that Famitsu and Media
Create's numbers have discrepancies, as they both track
differently. So when we report the Media Create numbers tomorrow,
their PS3 sales will likely have a different number. But it
should also be noted that the PSP continues to sell incredibly
strong, as Famitsu tracked it selling 66k handhelds. The
estimated breakdown is as follows:

Nintendo DS: 81,000

Sony PSP: 66,000

Sony PS3: 53,000

Nintendo Wii: 36,000

Sony PS2: 8,800

Xbox 360: 5,700

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