If you hadn't noticed, there have been numerous examples of poor PS3 versions of multiplatform games this year. However, it seems that some developers make the extra effort and do what's necessary; just ask Infinity Ward. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is spectacular on all platforms, and there's a darn good reason why it's so good on the PS3.

As it turns out, according to GamesRadar, they didn't focus on one platform, produce the game, and then port it to other platforms. Evidently, just about everyone does that, but not these guys. Here's what Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella said about the subject-

"We had our best programmers on the PS3 [version of Call of Duty] and it shows," said Zampella. "We had two separate teams working on both versions from the start. Most developers only focus on a single platform, then quickly port the game over to another one. You don't get very good results that way."

No, no you don't. We've seen as much from the likes of EA. But perhaps if more developers took this approach early on with the PS3, we wouldn't be having those inferior versions. Of course, it helps to have your "best programmers" working on the one platform that might prove most challenging, which is something else other developers might not do. Props to Infinity Ward for not slacking on the necessities and providing all gamers with an excellent product!

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