For a country that provides its public with the most brutal and explicit forms of entertainment in anime and horror movies (ever see "Audition?"), Japan sure does some crazy censoring stuff when it comes to games.

The Internet – or more specifically, the official PlayStation boards and Kotaku – are alive with discussion regarding the following fact: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a completely bloodless game in Japan. That's right, it has been censored over there, to the point where there is no blood splatter when bullets collide with flesh. This isn't without precedent, though, as Japan did the same thing with Dead Rising and Resistance: Fall of Man . But unfortunately for Japanese gamers who want the gore, there's no way around this, as it's not the disc but the hardware that's doing the censoring. Here's what one player had to say on the subject-

"In Resistance one could uncensor the game simply by downloading a US save file. This does not work for Uncharted however as the save files are not compatible. You will be able to copy the Us save file to your system but the game will not even acknowledge it as it is in a different folder. Simply overwriting the files into a JP save file results in corrupted data. I am unaware of any way to convert the save data and even then I'm not sure it would add the blood back."

We sure wish we could understand this. If you're even remotely familiar with other Japanese video entertainment, you'll realize all of it makes Uncharted appear very tame in comparison. So we have no idea why this censoring happens, but nevertheless, here it is. Sorry, Japanese gamers.

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