Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is easily one of the biggest titles of the year, but perhaps you want more. Maybe you're one of those die-hard fans – and we know there are a lot of you out there – who love this game to death, and feel empty when away from your guitar. If that's the case, pay close attention to the following giveaway offer, because it's designed specifically for all you avid GH players out there!

It's the Ultimate Rock Legend Contest , and registration has already begun. Sign up now to win two wireless Guitar Hero controllers and a special iPod loaded with tracks from the game. Three second-place winners will receive a pretty hefty runner-up prize in the form of an iPod Nano with those GH tracks. All you have to do is fill in your information over at that site, and hope you get lucky. Think about your friends who want to play all the time but never got around to picking up extra guitar controllers! Or maybe you're the type who has a long train ride to work and wants Guitar Hero goodness on the go…either way, what do you have to lose?

This giveaway is sponsored by Gorilla Nation Media; Activision doesn't have anything to do with this one. But at least you don't have to prove how great you are at the game; it's not a skills contest. Anyone can do this.

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