We all want to know more about Quantic Dream's mystery exclusive PlayStation 3 project, but we do know one thing: they plan to use the best technology available in order to achieve their vision.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, the critically acclaimed developer has just bought the latest motion capture technology from Vicon to be used in the game. It seems the studio is already in place at Quantic Dream, and they've been working on a four-month batch of motion capture for the PS3 exclusive. The combination of Quantic and Vicon should yield some very interesting results, we think.

"Our objective is to make this media a mainstream entertainment form with high creative expectations," commented Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO at Quantic Dream. "To do so, we have invented our own format called 'interactive cinema' in which realistic, believable characters play a central role. To us, the only way to reach the level of quality we were targeting for the animation of our characters was to use Vicon motion capture."

The announcement came this past summer, but since then, we haven't seen any details about this secret PS3 title. All we know is it's in the works, and it's good news to hear they've secured top-notch technology for the project. Quantic has also begun renting the system to other "high-profile video-game and advertising clients," and their own studio is working hard "almost every day either for complex full body or facial captures." Okay…now, are you going to tell us what this game is ? We're begging you!

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