A day after the mistranslated Square-Enix fiscal meeting caused a minor uproar on the Internet – to repeat once again, development on the White Engine is not crawling – we have some encouraging FF-related news. Japanese source Dengeki recently interviewed Tetsuya Nomura, who volunteered some new information regarding Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII .

First up, and most exciting of all, is the fact that Nomura says the "evolution of Final Fantasy XII to XIII will be as big as the evolution of Final Fantasy VI to VII ." We remember the early PlayStation days, when Final Fantasy VII effectively ushered in a new generation of role-playing, and that was pretty damn huge. On top of this, he said FFXIII will likely use the "full specifications" of the PlayStation 3. Now, everyone knows that installments in this franchise tend to push the limits of whichever system they appear on ( Final Fantasy XII remains one of the most impressive PS2 productions ever), so this isn't really surprising. However, nobody really knows just how powerful the PS3 is…so maybe FFXIII will show us.

Nomura also dropped an interesting detail about the airship in Final Fantasy Versus XIII . Apparently, it's not just about transportation; players will actually engage in flight battles high above the world map! How this will be done isn't exactly known, but it's still a very entertaining thought. Last but not least, Nomura was asked if Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII would remain PS3 exclusives, and his answer was simple- "of course." Well, great. Now give us our Final Fantasy VII remake, damnit!

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