We honestly don't know what this will "fix," but firmware update 2.01 for the PlayStation 3 is officially available, so head online and get to downloading.

As far as we know, the only thing this update does is add "stability" for certain games. Obviously, one of the games that has been having stability issues lately is the recently released Assassin's Creed , which has been riddled with freezing and even crashing problems. We've been able to play our copy for hours at a time – 'cuz we love it so damn much – but there have been frequent freezes that were considerably annoying. Here's hoping v2.01 fixes the problem, although neither Sony or Ubisoft made any mention of the update repairing any specific issues for Assassin's Creed . We've seen "stability" updates before, but we couldn't really discern any major differences then, either. Perhaps this time, we will…?

Now's the time to start looking around the Internet to see if those freezing issues with AC start to go away. If they don't, we can only assume this isn't the fix Ubisoft promised when they first heard about the problem. And if we hear anything more about update 2.01 – maybe there are hidden features included, we don't know – we'll be sure to update this story with that information.

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