How much work does a game like Gran Turismo 5 take? Well, if the effort required for the demo – Gran Turismo 5: Prologue – is any indication, a lot .

According to an interview GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi recently did with Auto Week, he said Prologue alone has taken about 3 years and 320,000 man-hours. That's right, 3 years to get as far as this demo…can you imagine the numbers for the final product? At this point, they've got 120 people working on the game (40 are actual car modelers), and they're all about detail this time around. In direct comparison, it took about one day for the team to produce one car model; now it's taking about 180 days for one car model. In GT4, they used 4000 – 5000 polygons per car; in GT5, they're using about 200,000 per car. We've seen statistics like this before, but we never really understood the depth of this project until now.

Obviously, Prologue is one of the most anticipated demos ever, so it's definitely gonna be huge. Sony and Polyphony have been putting a gigantic amount of effort into this game, and if you think we'll get a 10-minute demo, think again. 3 years and 320,000 man-hours should translate to something that might resemble a full-fledged game!

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