Update: It seems this story isn't true, as the report from Siliconera came from a Google mistranslation of the fiscal meeting. According to FF XIII-net, there was only a brief mention of the White Engine during the meeting, and they didn't say progress was slow. They really didn't say anything about it at all, apparently. So that's good; let's hope Final Fantasy XIII really does make it out for 2008.

Original Story:

At one point earlier this year, Final Fantasy XIII actually had a tentative late-2007 release date. But when it became one of the first high-profile titles to get delayed into 2008 – Grand Theft Auto IV , Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , and Devil May Cry 4 suffered the same fate – RPG fans everywhere were disappointed. Since then, we've heard nothing but bad news concerning development on the game, and lately, there have been some nasty rumors that say we won't get it until 2009.

Unfortunately, those rumors are only going to gain steam with today's news that Square-Enix's White Engine development is crawling along. According to Siliconera, the publisher said their Engine was "moving at a sluggish pace" during the fiscal meeting. As some of you know, the White Engine is supposed to power Final Fantasy XIII , so this could indicate yet another delay for the highly anticipated game. Square-Enix didn't offer an estimated release for either FFXIII or Dragon Quest IX (another title that was initially expected to arrive this year).

We had to wait a while for Final Fantasy X on the PS2, but that came out 14 months after the system launched. It seems we may have to wait a lot longer for FFXIII on the PS3, unless the team can work through their issues with the White Engine.

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