Analysts have been weighing in on the PlayStation 3 all year, and they've even talked about how the PS2 should continue its reign for an extended period of time. Sega's director of artists and repertoire, Noah Musler, evidently agrees with those analysts who believe the PS3 will eventually catch up to, if not surpass, Microsoft's Xbox 360.

According to a recent interview with, Musler said it's not just about the recent hardware price drop, but the upcoming blockbuster titles. After all, as we've been saying since the start of this generation- it's always about the games. Software sells hardware, not the other way around, and Musler clearly backs that theory. He did offer praise to Microsoft for "closing the gap" as well:

"Microsoft has done a good job of closing the gap between the platforms. I don't think they are in the situation they were in with the PS2 and Xbox 1, but it is still too soon to say," he said. Musler added that several hardware options for the PS3 can only help the consumer, and the system "has still got a little bit of time to grow." Most analysts do believe we'll have a three-horse race this time around, and many think Sony's console will ultimately come out on top. But that conclusion is a long ways off, as Musler said, and in the meantime, many gamers will continue to play the PS2. He believes the last-gen system will remain "viable" through 2009, which would be awfully impressive.

In the end, Musler says that, in general, the games are simply going to get better and better as time goes on. That, in and of itself, will help drive PS3 sales.

"Fortunately, there are a lot of videogame consumers out there, and the market continues to grow. People want to play games, and the games keep getting better. The development community is really driving that by making great product."

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