One of Capcom's biggest announcements of 2007 involved the Xbox 360's excellent mech-based action title, Lost Planet . In addition to unveiling a "bigger focus" on the PS3 in 2008, they promised owners of Sony's next-gen console would soon see Lost Planet on their platform. But up until now, we only knew it would arrive "some time next year."

Now, according to Australian gaming site GamePlayer, Activision (Capcom's local distributor down under) has revealed a PS3 version release date estimate for the previously exclusive Xbox 360 game. We say "estimate" because they're simply saying it will arrive during the month of February. Of course, Capcom also has plans to launch Devil May Cry 4 in the same month, so it'll certainly be a big month for the mega-publisher. Furthermore, it seems there will be additional features in the PS3 version of Lost Planet , and that will include 16 extra multiplayer maps and more playable characters for the story mode; both of which would add a lot to an already accomplished title.

Obviously, this date may only apply to Australia, but perhaps Capcom will clarify things this week. While PS3 owners have to wait a lot longer for this game, Lost Planet should still be an excellent addition to the system's library. And hey, bonus stuff is always good, too.

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