More holiday deals! But this time, you had better move fast, because it's all over by Wednesday.

For the most part, store coupons don't necessarily save you a huge chunk of money, unless you're one of those people that piles 'em up and attempts to use them all during one transaction. However, K-Mart is giving everyone the chance to save some serious cash, as you can see by this coupon here. That's right, it's 20% off any item in the store, and you know what that means… For all you whiners out there, constantly complaining about the cost of the PS3, you can knock $100 off the 80GB model (retail: $499) or $80 off the 40GB model (retail: $399)! This offer only extends through November 21, though, and that's two days from now.

People all over the Internet have apparently been taking advantage of this deal, so it seems to be a confirmed and legitimate deal. But you may wish to contact your local K-Mart store to clarify before happily printing out your prized coupon.

11/19/07 UPDATE: We've seen reports today that some (or all) Kmart stores no
longer allow this coupon to be used on electronics. We checked for ourselves and
the local stores here have received an internal email that tells their employees
not to accept the coupon for electronics.

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