As most Assassin's Creed players know by now, the game hasn't been the most stable , as most of us have experienced freezing and even crashing issues during gameplay. Ubisoft is aware of the problem, though, and they are currently working on a fix (one that might arrive with the upcoming PS3 firmware update 2.01), so that's good news.

However, new information has come to light, which might prove to be a temporary – or even permanent – solution to the freezing issues. Message boards around the Internet have offered a variety of ways to avoid the freezing, and one of the most common is something we've heard before- keep the Information Board disabled on the Cross Media Bar. This is a new feature added by firmware update 2.00, and immediately caused slowdown and freezing problems with the menu; could it be affecting Assassin's Creed , too? Another rumor says you should also be logged out of the PlayStation Network, although we fail to see how that could cause a freezing issue when playing a single-player game offline.

Other ideas have included turning off the special PS3 "abilities," like the PS1 and PS2 upscaling and smoothing. Basically, they're telling us that the fewer things going on with the system, the lesser chance AC will freeze. Hope this helps, but if it doesn't, we hope Ubisoft comes up with the repairs quickly; this game is too damn good to suffer from technical issues.

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