All you savvy shoppers nuts enough to tackle the stores on Black Friday and that weekend should be searching for the deals, right? You've got your eyes peeled for the one-time freak-sales you're gonna take advantage of at all hours of the morning. And that's where we come in- we told you earlier we'd help you out if we heard something, so here's a leaked tip from a supposed inside source at Wal-Mart.

According to information posted over at the message boards, Wal-Mart stores will be running a very appealing 80GB PS3 deal, which kicks off promptly at 8:00 a.m. on November 24. If you pick that day to purchase the 80GB model, you will instantly receive 10 Blu-Ray movies for no charge. That's right, free . You may choose any 10 Blu-Ray titles under $30 currently in the store, and even if your local store hadn't stocked the format in the past, they will receive Blu-Ray movies specifically for this promotion. Even better, this apparently doesn't affect the running deal they have where you get 5 free movies via mail with your purchase.

Therefore, it means you should be able to snag 15 free Blu-Ray movies if you buy the 80GB PS3 at Wal-Mart on November 24! Come on, how can you possibly pass that up? Just bear in mind, this deal will only last so long as the store has the movies in stock. Eager buyers might be snatching up a lot of Blu-Ray discs that day… Also, this hasn't been officially confirmed, so it's best to categorize this as a fairly plausible sales tip.

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