All early indications point towards Uncharted: Drake's Fortune being an awesome action/adventure exclusive for the PS3. However, interestingly enough, it seems the game could've followed closely in the footsteps of 2K Games' Bioshock or Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man .

According to a recent MTV Multiplayer interview with Uncharted Game Director, Amy Hennig, the team had a lot of ideas for a project during the pre-development stages. Naughty Dog is probably best known for the esteemed Jak and Daxter titles, but it seems they were thinking "epic shooter" in regards to their latest game.

“I think we went through about a year’s worth of failed ideas… we tossed everything around,” Hennig said. Evidently, it wasn't long after Jak III when Hennig joined a small team to decide on their next project. They even considered alien and war shooters! “Some ideas were shockingly similar to things that came out since… we had ideas that were really close to ‘BioShock,’ we had ideas that were really close to ‘Resistance…’"

She wouldn't go into detail concerning those ideas, but it's certainly ironic that the main character's name in Uncharted (Nathan) is the same as the protagonist in Resistance (Capt. Nathan Hale). Clearly, though, Naughty Dog went with something entirely different than Insomniac's FPS, and it seems we're going to get one hell of a great game that probably won't remind us of any one title.

“It’s sort of a weird industry in that we’re all similar ages, and we’re all sort of driven by some of the same influences,” she explained. “Because of that, we tend to like the same kind of things, so there’s this sort of little zeitgeist within the game industry where the same ideas can crop up in different companies. It’s almost like you have to second guess yourself and say, ‘Was that too obvious of a choice?’” Hennig also mentioned the fact that “Uncharted”’s main character is named Nathan, just like the leading man in Insomniac Games’ “Resistance.” “Talk about the zeitgeist. We’re almost on the same wavelength!” she exclaimed.

Yeah, well, we just like the idea of a modern-day Indiana Jones. Bring it!

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