In more good news for PAL gamers (European gamers learned today they'd be getting The Orange Box on December 14 ), SingStar has finally returned to the release date charts…but again, not for the U.S. According to Joystiq, it has been confirmed that the highly anticipated karaoke-style title will hit Australia on December 6 and the UK on December 7.

You will be able to purchase the bundle – it comes with two wired microphones – or the standalone game by itself. The soundtrack list for the game is certainly huge, but if that's not enough for you, you can always log on to the SingStore and download any one of 40+ songs right off the bat. More will follow as Sony continues to update the Store's catalogue, and the prices are reasonable: UK gamers will only pay 99p for a single song (that's about $2 USD) and Australia will pay about A$2.50, which is about $2.25 USD. This falls right in line with single song downloads for Rock Band (most of which will be priced at $1.99 ), so we shouldn't hear too many complaints. And besides, the game does come with a bunch of songs, you know.

Obviously, SingStar has always been more popular in PAL regions than here in the U.S., but we still want to see a release date for North America. How's about it? Can we get it before Christmas, too?

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