The excitement and hype surrounding PlayStation Home has abated a bit, primarily because the launch has been delayed until spring 2008. However, rumors of a beta trial still endure, and it only helps that Sony's own Phil Harrison said we could expect to see that beta in "late November; early December." While it remains just a rumor, it has gained new steam thanks to some astute gamers over at the official PlayStation message boards .

As you can see, the speculation and debate comes from the picture taken from a PS3 ad, where the Home icon is clearly portrayed under the Featured Selection area next to the Pain icon. Considering the latter title is expected to release on the PlayStation Store on November 29, this causes people to believe both icons will pop up in the same update at the end of the month. It fits Harrison's time frame, and it would make sense to see the beta arrive at a particularly big time of the year for the gaming industry. However, Sony has said nothing official regarding a PlayStation Home beta test for November 29, and we also don't know if it would be open to all regions and users.

Hopefully, though, with this rumor circulating throughout the Internet, it will prompt Sony to respond in some way. They did say in their response to October's NPD numbers to "just wait until next month," but that could be more promotion for sales. Either way, we'll try to nail down a clarification on the issue soon.

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