So I haven't reported on Media Create numbers in a few months now, mostly because Japan ran out of fuel. The Nintendo Wii plummetted in sales, the PlayStation 3 kind of stood still around the 15k-19k mark. The only real noteworthy bit of info is the PSP's sign of legs, as it's been consisently selling over 50k units per week for quite some time now.

So why report on the week beginning November 5th? Because, for the first time ever, the PlayStation 3 has finally outsold the Nintendo Wii during a week – and by a considerably margin, too. All of it is due to the release of the cheaper 40GB model in Japan, which has also sparked a similar fire in sales here in the US for Sony. The PlayStation 3 went on to sell close to 56k systems, besting the much cheaper Wii by about 20.5k. The PlayStation Portable went on to move close to 60k handhelds. But the Nintendo DS still holds the top with 79k.

The PS2 is finally showing it age by dipping below the 10k mark for the first time in about 6 years. Sony should be putting some life back into the system with an impeding price-drop and a new model, again. It should also be noted that only one day of 40GB sales data was tracked for this report, which means that next week should show some big PS3 numbers again. Though this sales increase for the PS3 seems great, my prediction is that its sales will level off in a few weeks below the Wii again. Hopefully I'm wrong, but we shall see.

Nintendo DS – 78,884

Sony PSP – 58,964

Sony PS3 – 55,924

Nintendo Wii – 34,546

Sony PS2 – 9,043

Xbox 360 – 5,817

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