October wasn't a particularly impressive month for Sony, as
the Xbox 360 was still hot off the heels of the Halo 3 release,
and Sony stupidly announced a cheaper console/price-cut that
wouldn't take effect immediately. The three week wait that would
follow the announcement of the 40GB PlayStation 3 put a major
stop on sales of the console. Despite the 80GB unit marked down
$100, it seems like the public was clearly anticipating the $399
40GB PS3, even though it doesn't allow for backwards
compatibility with PS2 games.

The PlayStation 3 took in a meager 121k consoles in October, and
none of those sales include the 40GB PS3 that launched early in
November. The PSP continues to do fairly well, as it shifted
another 286k handhelds. The Xbox 360 also performed well with
366k. But the true bread-makers here are the Nintendo Wii, with
an immense 519k sold, and the Nintendo DS with an equally
impressive 458k. And for a console with a seven year old ticker,
the PS2 is still bringing in good sales, with 184k consoles

Nintendo Wii 519K

Nintendo DS 458K

Xbox 360 366K

Sony PSP 286K

Sony PS2 184K

Sony PS3 121K

Xbox 360 527.8K

Nintendo Wii 501K

Nintendo DS 495.8K

Sony PSP 284.5K

Sony PS2 215K

Sony PS3 119.4K

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