Classics never die. That's a rule. Way back in January, the gaming world was a-buzz with the rumor that "Ghostbusters" was going to make a grand game entrance into the new generation. European outfit Zootfly threw up a video on YouTube that got a ton of attention; Zootfly claimed it was an early prototype build of a game for the Xbox 360 based on the 1984 smash hit. They then told GameSpot that "copyright issues" were slowing the team's progress.

Then in February, Dan Aykroyd himself said Sony had sold the rights to "Ghostbusters" to Universal Studios, and that he would be doing mo-cap work for the game some time in 2008. Unfortunately, Vivendi never backed Aykroyd's statements, thereby keeping a Ghostbusters next-gen title nothing more than a rumor. But look, it's Game Informer to the rescue! The cover of the December issue proudly says the game really is in development, and it will arrive on multiple platforms: the PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Wii and PC. We don't yet have an exact release date, though, and we can't seem to pin down a developer or publisher. Well, whoever they give it to, they had best not ruin the good name of Ghostbusters!

And as it turns out, Aykroyd was telling no lie; he and fellow 'buster Harold Ramis are working together on the script. Don't forget about Bill Murray, either, because he'll be around for the game, too! Let's hope we hear more information soon, because we repeat- classics never die.

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